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Potty Break - $15.00

If you live in one of these zip codes you can take advantage of our newest service.  Why waste your lunchbreak?  Call me to let your puppy out for a 10 minute potty break.  Now go enjoy lunch with your friends, family or co-workers.

78023, 78254, 78253, 78238

Daily Visit - $24.00-$30.00

  • Good for up to 3 dogs or 3 cats
  • Dog walk or playtime for your pet
  • Feeding and fresh water
  • Cleaning up any accidents, litter boxes.  Pet cages will be an add'l fee of $5.00
  • Pet medications administered in pill form.  Injections add'l $5.00
  • Giving a "lived in" look while you are away
  • *If requested will water plants, open and close blinds, turn on/off lights, check mail

Overnight Stay - Starts at $55.00

Includes everything listed in a regular visit plus the peace of mind knowing your pet and home won't be alone and vacant overnight. This service covers the hours of 8pm-8am

Additional Services

  • Key Pick Up/per trip - $15.00
  • Hotel Sitting /min 2 hrs - $25.00 per hour
  • Subcutaneous fluids - $10.00 per treatment
  • Emergency Lockout Service - $25.00
  • Pet Errands - $15.00 per half hour + cost of items
  • Pet Taxi - $20.00 an hour.  Transportation to and from Vet, groomer or doggie daycare.

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